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As for the man who wrote you such email poor ethic soda! Stop.You say bitcoin users are geedry? Is that only characteristic you could name for these people? And how do you name stockholders? Company people, all sorts of bankers, investors? I admit, this world is built up on geedry and accidently you have right on this! But stop mentioning bitcoiners (esspecially people who mine their bitcoins) the only greeders in this world. They are small fishes. Look for some bigger if you dare to write about them. But I think people like you are here on some purpose. To destroy new era of money and bitcoin. And I think YOU will suck, not bitcoin!

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You have to use the Adobe After Effects menu and help menu to insert the efecfts and sounds in the appropriate places on the video timeline. It's really too involved to explain it here. Look for tutorials for Adobe After Effects in Yahoo search and check out the links supplied below too! Good luck and happy editing!

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Thanks! Yeah, at first I was a bit frustrated that my frined stuck his hand into the photo (by accident of course), but now I don't mind because it actually looks kind of cool!

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